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Craftsman – Best Blinds for Bedroom Windows

The best blinds for bedroom windows are out there. Because this is the room where you lay your head after a long day, it’s important to choose the best blinds for bedroom windows from a reputable company. At Craftsman, we are more than a reputable company, we’re people too and we want our customers to get the same high-quality blinds we’d hang in our own bedrooms.

The best blinds for bedroom windows from Craftsman

When it comes to finding the right blinds for your bedroom, there are many factors to consider. To help you understand what makes an ideal bedroom window blind, we’ve created a guide to allow you to make the perfect choice for your home.

A guide to finding the right blinds for your bedroom

Here we’ll cover everything from light control to aesthetics to privacy. You’ll need all three to find the right blinds for your tastes and needs.

Light control: The sun plays tricks on our furniture and floors. The harsh UV rays it emits can warp wood floors, bleach carpets and turn your once vibrant furniture into something even an antique store wouldn’t sell. In order to protect your furniture, floors, carpet and reduce that glare that the sun often creates while you’re trying to watch TV in bed, there are two things to consider: blackout blinds and light filtering blinds. We’ll explore blackout blinds in detail later on in this guide, but first let’s look into light filtering blinds. Some of the best blinds for bedroom windows are equipped with operable slats for light filtering properties. If you choose blinds with operable slats you can tilt them to let in as much light as you need.

The visuals: Although you will likely be asleep for the majority of the time you spend in your bedroom, you should choose blinds that make a visual impact. It’s one thing to find blinds that are stylish, but can you find ones that are functional too? The answer is a resounding YES! At Craftsman we have bedroom blinds that combine function and style, so you don’t have to sacrifice your tastes when choosing window coverings. We can outfit your bedroom windows with coverings that complement your existing décor allowing you to benefit from gorgeous blinds that match everything in the room.

Window shape: Windows come in various shapes and sizes; hence, you need blinds that match the dimensions of your bedroom windows. Your bedroom may have bay windows or irregularly shaped windows and we can create blinds to match. If you do not have blinds that match the dimensions of your bedroom windows you can offset the entire room. Whether your bedroom has traditional rectangular windows or oval ones, we have the blinds you need.

Pricing and value: At Craftsman, we offer competitive pricing and free in-home quotes. We want our customers to get the most for their money without foregoing value. Only high-quality materials are used for our coverings because the best blinds for bedroom windows should be built to last and affordable.

View and scenery: Most master bedrooms contain a scenic view. You want to be able to enjoy that view, especially when you’re lounging in your room on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Blinds that can be easily raised like roller shades give you the benefit of enjoying your view when they’re open and complete privacy when they’re closed.

Children’s room: If you have young children, especially those that are toddlers, you want blinds that are cordless. Children are curious by nature and they may be intrigued by a dangling cord. Look for blinds that can function without cords such as roller shades. These can come with or without cords (using a spring mechanism to open and close) to ensure that your child is safe from harm. Even if your child tugs on the blinds, there are no cords to injure them.

Blackout blinds: Often, our customers choose blackout blinds because they are one of the best blinds for bedroom windows. Blackout blinds are specially made with strong fabrics that do not allow any light to sneak into the room when they’re closed. With blinds with blackout properties you can get a good night’s sleep without glare from passing car headlights or street lamps creeping through. Furthermore, you won’t be awakened by outside light if you take a nap during the day and will wake up refreshed. Everyone wants to feel fresh and rested after a nap or full-night’s sleep and blackout blinds allow you to do that without interruptions from outside light. Blackout blinds come in two types:

Roller blinds: Roller blinds are a common blind type that is found in most Canadian households because of their simplicity and light blocking properties. They are effortlessly operable and created with durable materials. Roller blinds can be easily installed by our team or if you prefer a DIY approach you can take care of the installation yourself.

Vertical blinds: For master bedrooms and bedrooms with large windows, vertical blinds will create an optimal and stylish environment for sleeping and lounging. As with any pair of blackout blinds, you get ample light when they’re opened and complete privacy when the vertical blinds are closed. If you have patio doors in your bedroom, vertical blinds will cover them perfectly. Like roller blinds, vertical blinds are crafted with durable materials, designed to last.

Why choose Craftsman

We’ve been serving Southern Ontario residents with beautiful blinds since 1995. Our commitment to customer service is second to none and there’s nothing we love more than seeing the joy on our clients’ faces when they get the best blinds for bedroom windows.

Please contact Craftsman Custom Built Shutters and Blinds today for more information about the best blinds for bedroom windows. We offer free in-home quotes and provide the most value for your money. You shouldn’t have to waste your savings on blinds that look good but serve no functional purpose. At Craftsman, you’ll get gorgeous blinds at amazing prices. Visit our website here or contact us at 416-282-4229.

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