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Blinds for Doors

Blinds for doors need to be stylish and cover the area while adding appeal to the room. It’s important that when looking for blinds for doors you use the services of a professional window coverings company like Craftsman. We understand all facets involving windows and doors and what type of blinds suit each style.

Blinds for doors: How to choose the right ones

When it comes to doors, choosing blinds is all about taste and size. You want blinds for doors that fit the space and align with your tastes. When searching for the right blinds, look for:

  1. Style: Are you looking to enhance the look of the room or do you want the blinds to blend in with the existing décor? Is contrast something that bothers you or is it something you are looking for? These are questions you should ask yourself when shopping for door blinds because it’s your home and you should get blinds that complement your space in whatever way you think is best.
  2. Room type: Blinds needed for doors must suit the room they’re in. For example, French doors that lead from the kitchen to a sunny backyard need to feature UV resistant properties. On the other hand, blinds for a traditional backdoor may not need to open fully and you can get by with a horizontal style.
  3. Amount of privacy required: Because doors are a portal to the outside world, you need blinds that provide the amount of privacy you want. When French or sliding patio doors are closed at night, do you want blinds with blackout properties to cloak the room in darkness? Or do you prefer blinds that aren’t the blackout type but still keep outsiders from looking in?
  4. Lighting needs: Energy bills these days can skyrocket if you’re not careful. If you are looking to lower your monthly lighting bills or at least keep them from climbing, figure out what your lighting needs are and get blinds that can accommodate them. This may mean blinds that let in enough natural light that you don’t need to flick on a light switch during the day. Furthermore, UV resistant blinds, solar blinds, and motorized blinds can filter light just the way you need it.

Blinds for doors: Coverings for sliding doors, French doors, and front doors

At Craftsman, we don’t have one type of blind, we have multiple options because one-size-fits-all simply won’t work for doors. We have blinds for sliding doors, French doors, and front doors because our customers have different needs and we want to ensure everyone gets what they want.

Sliding doors: Some homes feature sliding glass doors that provide easy access to the backyard. Blinds for sliding glass doors should complement how the door opens. Sliding doors open vertically and the door blinds should do the same. Remember that sliding doors that lead to the backyard are in a high-traffic area and the blinds need to be made of durable materials to handle it.

French doors: French doors are usually found in kitchens or sitting rooms because they lead to the backyards. They are often confused with sliding doors; however, they swing outward when opened instead of sliding on a track. French doors have a handle that can get in the way of opening and closing your blinds. You should opt for shallow blinds to combat this problem. These come in different styles and sizes and are designed to nestle comfortably between the door and its handle.

Front doors: Finding blinds for front doors can prove to be challenging since this type of door comes with unique design features such as sidelight windows, arches, and curves. However, at Craftsman, we have blinds for doors of all shapes and sizes, no matter what design features they possess. Front door blinds need to provide privacy when closed and let in natural light when opened. As for sidelight windows, people often choose from our selection of shutters or roller shades. Finally, door arches (the semi-circle window that is found on top of the front door) are best suited for shutters that can be adjusted to bring in light or keep it out.

Options for your home: which blind type if best for your door?

Your home is your biggest asset and adding blinds to your doors allows you to get more out of it. The more you spend on your home now, the more you can make from it should you decide to sell. Luckily, at Craftsman, our competitive prices allow you to outfit every door in your home with gorgeous new blinds. Choose from:

Please do not hesitate to contact Craftsman at 416-282-4229 or visit us online www.craftsmanshutter.com to inquire about our blinds for doors. We offer free in-home quotes!

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