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Roller Blinds

Blinds can make or break any room. Roller shades can enhance your home’s existing décor or turn a boring room into the one room in your home that the whole family loves. Adding roller shades to your home is a great way to add value to your property without going over your renovation budget. Plus, installation is easy and can be done in a flash by a professional – or you can even do it on your own with minimal difficulty.

What are Roller Shades?

This type of blind is crafted from a single piece of fabric that wraps around a special casing, or headrail, and into the top of the window’s frame. To operate the blind, often a cord is attached to the bottom or via a sidewinding chain that you can easily pull. Other models are cordless for a clean appearance and child/pet safety. These blinds are known for their versatility. They’re a great option for all windows especially in kitchens and living rooms because they can be adjusted to fit into any space. For large bay windows, individual roller shades can be placed within each frame. For skylights or smaller windows Whether it’s a large bay window that overlooks a scenic view or a smaller window above the kitchen sink or in a powder room, that you gaze out of while washing the dishes, roller shades are a sleek and functional selection that won’t break the bank. Because of their simple yet effective makeup, this type of blind tends to be more cost effective than other types of window dressings without forgoing any of the benefits you expect from a quality shade.

Our customers choose roller shades because of their versatility. There is no space too small or too big that cannot handle this type of blind.

Here’s why:

The ultimate style: Rollers allow you to benefit from gorgeous designs and colours that can complement your existing décor and dress up your windows. For your children’s rooms, opt for bright colours or fun patterns that boost the playful nature of their personalities. If you’re concerned about dangling cords that could be dangerous for the kids, opt for a cordless version that can be raised and pulled down smoothly by the fabric. For a modern take in your bedroom, try white blinds that are sleek yet elegant. You can also take advantage of exciting patterns and beautiful designs to create a theme that matches your furniture, rugs, or décor style. Interested in a nautical themed bathroom? Why not opt for a roller shade with an ocean inspired print or color scheme to match your shower curtain? For large picture windows where you don’t want to impede your view outdoors, roller shades are the perfect option. Because the singular piece of shade material can retract completely into the headrail, when lifted there is virtually nothing coming between you and your view. To make windows look larger or to cover up unattractive window casings, try an outside mounted roller shade that will completely cover the entire window. Alternately, you can select an inside mounted shade for a more built-in look.

Functionality like you’ve never seen: These blinds provide ultimate privacy when closed and are ideal for bedrooms because they will keep sunlight out when you’re trying to sleep in on a lazy Sunday morning. Furthermore, rollers can be made with insulating properties that keep harsh UV rays from warping your floors and devastating your furniture. The sun has been known to destroy paintings and ruin clothing, so having rollers gives you a great line of defence. Plus, they can help with temperature control. You won’t have to scramble to adjust the thermostat on blisteringly hot days. The insulation properties in the materials will absorb the sun’s powerful rays and keep them from heating up your rooms. Roller shades are available in a wide range of fabrics, from room darkening and light filtering to complete blackout varieties, allowing you to have complete control over the natural light in your home.

Ease of use: Rollers are conceptually quite simple. Unlike other blind types that have folds, slats or louvers, these consist of a headrail and one solid piece of material that can be pulled down to cover your window. This simplicity makes rollers not just easy to operate, but easy to clean as well. When lifted, roller shades are effectively enclosed in the headrail, so accumulation of dust or allergens is minimal, and if you do find they need a bit of a cleaning, a quick swipe with a duster or damp rag is likely to do the trick.

You can also enjoy motorized rollers that give you optimal convenience. With a simple touch of a button you’ll be able to open and close your blinds directly from your smartphone, tablet, remote or wall-mounted panel. Instead of running around the house at night rushing to close all the blinds before you go to bed, control your rollers from anywhere. Moreover, motorized rollers can be placed in hard to reach places like skylights or transom windows, where you’d normally have to stand on a chair to open and close the blinds. This will eliminate the danger of trying to balance yourself on your tiptoes while your spouse holds the chair steady as you attempt to operate your blinds. Whether you’re busy watching the kids, have decreased mobility, or simply don’t feel like getting out of bed but want to lift the shade and enjoy the morning sunshine, motorized rollers could be exactly what you need to fully enjoy your space.

Safety features: For homes with small children or pets, safety is a must. Our motorized rollers or cordless roller varieties can be placed in your children’s rooms or areas your pets can access so you can rest assured that there are no dangerous dangling cords for them to get tangled up in – or for your mischievous cat to get a hold of! There are also a variety of flame resistant materials available to put your mind at ease.

Trust Craftsman for all of your roller shade needs!

Since our start in the mid-nineties, Craftsman Custom Built Shutters & Blinds has given the people of Southern Ontario window coverings that add value to their homes (at competitive prices!). We use only quality materials and the finest brands for our rollers. We aim to please. Our customers deserve the best and we ensure that they get it. We design our rollers to last and you’ll love how easy they are to maintain. With light filtering controls, you can’t go wrong with Craftsman’s rollers. Install them in any room and marvel at your great taste!

Roller blinds are the perfect addition to any room. Please contact Craftsman for more information about our window coverings and installation services. We offer free in-home quotes and have been providing gorgeous blinds to our customers since 1995. Call us today at 416-282-4229 or visit us online https://www.craftsmanshutter.com/contact-us.  

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