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The Craftsman Difference: Custom Blinds in Bowmanville

When it comes to custom blinds in Bowmanville, you have many options. You can check out the wares of a variety of different companies but we guarantee you won’t find quality products that are designed to last. Instead of wasting your time with the other guys, choose Craftsman because when you choose Craftsman, you’re choosing quality.

Custom Blinds in Bowmanville: Why are Blinds Useful for Homes and Offices?

Why are Window Blinds Better than Curtains?

Opting for blinds over curtains is a smart choice for many reasons. While curtains don’t allow for much control over lighting, the only options for them being either closed or pulled back to let sunlight in, blinds offer a much wider range of control, especially with options like slatted vertical blinds, whose louvers can be opened in a 180 degrees range. In terms of air quality and cleanliness, curtains are much harder to keep clean. The hanging fabric, which can trap allergens and dust, requires completely dismantling to wash them. Blinds, on the other hand, are very simple to keep clean; often a quick pass of a damp cloth duster now and then will suffice. Unlike curtains, blinds are easily customizable to fit any window in your home or office, regardless of size or shape, and they can be motorized as well!

What are the Benefits of Roller Blinds?

Since our inception in the mid-nineties, Craftsman has created custom blinds in Bowmanville that add style to any room they’re placed in. We provide our customers with everything from traditional blinds such as Roller Shades to Silhouettes for a more modern window covering. With Craftsman, you don’t have to forgo style in order to get a functional set of blinds. We ensure that our customers get high quality window coverings that are combine functionality with elegance. What’s the point of having a beautiful new window covering installed if you need a 30-page instruction manual just to use them?

Top Canadian brands: Innovative window covoffice home building blinds erings for all rooms

Our selection of custom blinds in Bowmanville feature some of the most-trusted brands on the market. We carry blinds and shades from well-known companies like Hunter Douglas, Elite Window Fashions, Sun Glow Window Coverings and C&B Window Coverings.

Hunter Douglas: With their Lifetime Guarantee, Hunter Douglas is one of the top names in the industry. Artfully designed to allow you to control light, their window coverings are created to provide room insulation and ease of use. Moreover, Hunter Douglas blinds are able to dampen sound so you can enjoy some peace and quiet. 

Elite Window Fashions: Known for their high-quality shades and blinds, Elite Window Fashions is synonymous with style. Perfect to suit all rooms, this company’s products are created with form and function in mind for both residential and commercial spaces.

Sun Glow Window Coverings: A trusted company, Sun Glow Window Coverings has developed environmentally sound products that are aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing functionality. Their blinds and shades offer an innovative way to keep your home green.

C&B Window Coverings: For those that are looking for something a little different, C&B Window Coverings offer a wide array of styles, décor and colours to compliment anyone’s tastes. In operation for almost 30 years, the window coverings from C&B are perfect for any home.

Why are Blinds the Best Window Covering?

With all of the window covering options out there, why choose blinds? They’re versatile, functional, and come in a vast array of materials, colours and patterns. No matter the size or shape of the windows you need covered, the team at Craftsman can help you find the perfect option to meet your needs – and within your budget, too!

Free in-home quotes: Committed to our customers

Custom blinds in Bowmanville (and pretty much everywhere else in Southern Ontario) are our specialty. When our skilled carpenters design your customized window coverings, they will ensure that you get exactly what you want. Furthermore, at Craftsman we offer free in-home consultations and quotes because we care about our customers. Our staff will arrive at your home with samples and take accurate measurements before preparing the quote onsite. We also provide a comprehensive warranty to demonstrate that we stand by our products.

When looking for custom blinds in Bowmanville, contact us at 416-282-4229 or visit our website for more information about our customized window coverings.

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