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Oceanview Shutters

Have you considered oceanview shutters for your home? Oceanview shutters are the perfect complement to virtually any room of your home. Operating since 1995, Craftsman Custom Built Shutters manufacture beautifully crafted custom shutters on-site that truly stand apart from the rest. Your customized shutter collection is incomplete without the oceanview style. This type of shutter is designed with louvers that contain slats that you can conveniently “flick” back and forth. This allows natural light to envelope any room, brightening and bathing it in gorgeous sunlight. If you have a room in your home that looks out onto any view of nature, then consider our oceanview shutters as the perfect choice.

What are Oceanview Shutters?

Craftsman Custom Built Shutters’ Oceanview shutters are designed for you to enjoy the beauty of the natural views from your home. They are functional and aesthetically pleasing. With oversized louvers that provide an authentic, beach side cottage look, the best thing about oceanview shutters is that the louvers are all movable and therefore simple to use.

Oceanview shutters are perfect for maximizing the views from any large window. When you want to enjoy the view, your window dressing shouldn’t be in your way. Oceanview shutters provide you with a timeless warmth and functionality for your home while allowing you to connect with nature by enjoying the beauty around you. They are perfect for any beautiful view!

The Beauty of Oceanview Shutters

At Craftsman Custom Built Shutters, our exclusive interior shutters are custom made from the finest-quality wood available and they are designed to beautify your home. Our shutters are the frame to nature’s artwork you look at from your home. You can choose from premium red oak, American poplar, pine, maple and other hardwoods. Our shutters are hand-finished in your choice of beautiful and long-lasting finishes, such as custom paint colours and stains. We only use highest quality products and materials to enhance the quality of our shutters, allowing us to offer you one of the best products available on the market. We also go a step further to create custom shutters that are built to last. We want each and every customer we have the privilege to work with to enjoy a superior product that requires little to no maintenance. Each shutter type that we offer features a different sized louver which provides better airflow. Louvers are the angled or flat slats on the shutters that allow in light and air.

Benefits of Oceanview Shutters

Available in a variety of sizes and colours to complement your interior design features, Oceanview shutters offer many benefits. They provide safety for your home, modernity and beauty. Oceanview shutters are often referred to as hurricane shutters but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in Canada. These shutters can provide an aesthetic quality to your home that you won’t find in other window coverings. They are conveniently built to withstand strong outdoor winds—they are designed to be strong, as well as appealing.

Oceanview shutters are quite simple to use. All you need to do is flip the slats up or down when you want more light. You can also simply open and close them entirely to enjoy a full view of the outdoors. These shutters allow you to keep more cold air out in the winter and in the summer you can minimize the sun’s heat from penetrating. For an elegant alternative to traditional interior window coverings that boast strength, durability and longevity, consider Craftsman Custom Built Shutters’ Oceanview shutters. They will enhance your home and beautify your space.

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose Craftsman Custom Built Shutters’ Oceanview shutters for virtually any room of your home. Strong, classic, convenient and modern, along with a wide range of materials and colours to choose from, you can accomplish your desired look while enjoying natural views from your home. We offer an extensive selection, along with unmatched quality and affordability.

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