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Window Coverings in Toronto

Window coverings like shutters and blinds can turn any room into your favourite room. Where do you find gorgeous custom window coverings in Toronto that suit your tastes and budget? At Craftsman Custom Built Shutters & Blinds, you can choose from shades, blinds and shutters that will enhance or match the design of any room in your home. Our custom window treatments provide the perfect way to upgrade your home without spending an arm and a leg. You don’t have to sacrifice your tastes or quality to improve your home because there’s no better or cost-efficient way to give your property a makeover than with new window coverings.

Craftsman means quality window coverings in Toronto

duofold blind window coverings torontoAt Craftsman, we deliver superior window coverings in Toronto to our clientele because we are passionate about the products we manufacture and sell. Our professional carpentry team can create custom window coverings to match your home’s existing décor, allowing you to outfit every room in your house with gorgeous shutters and blinds. We use only the finest hardwoods for our products like poplar, oak, pine and maple. Furthermore, the finishes and stains utilized to protect our custom products ensure their quality isn’t diminished. Our custom window treatments give you the opportunity revamp your home without paying for costly renovations (and potentially losing money). Instead of hiring a construction crew to perform renovations that you may not need or want, replacing your existing window coverings with Craftsman’s quality offerings is all you need to get the most out of your home. Whether you are looking for custom shutters, blinds or both for your Toronto home, with Craftsman, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality products that are built to last.

Treat yourself to custom shutters

The window coverings in Toronto offered by Craftsman come in different styles and sizes. You can choose from Traditional, California, Oceanview and Plantation. The shutters feature different louvre sizes (the flat/angled slats found spaced out on the shutter itself) that are designed to allow for maximum airflow and natural light to penetrate the room.

  1. Traditional Shutter: The classic look of Traditional shutters, with 1-1/2”louvres, work in any room. This type of shutter lets in light and air when you desire it and keeps them out when you don’t.
  2. California Shutter: For rooms that don’t have great circulation, California shutters’ 2-1/2”louvres amplify airflow so that you can enjoy a nice breeze whenever you need it.
  3. Plantation Shutter: These shutters are equipped with 3-1/2”louvres that bring cool air in during the summer but keep it out during the winter. Perfect for bedrooms and living rooms, Plantation shutters are a wonderful addition to any home.
  4. Oceanview Shutter: As their name implies, Oceanview shutters are created for large windows that overlook a view. With 4-1/2”louvres, they feature slats that can be flicked back and forth to let light in. When closed, Ocean view shutters keep warm air from entering during the summer months and keep cool out air in the winter.

Blinds for every room

The quality of window coverings in Toronto offered by Craftsman is second to none. We boast a roster of top-market blinds from some of the best names in the industry like Elite Window Fashions, C&B Window Coverings, and Sunglow Window Coverings (to name a few). Depending on your exact needs, we offer roller shades and their modern counterparts to ensure that every room in your home is equipped with beautiful blinds in the colour and textures of your choice.

Craftsman’s custom window treatments have evolved beyond the traditional shades of the past. We want our customers to get exactly what they want which is why we provide numerous options for window coverings.

The perfect blinds

Silhouette blinds: Not all the rooms in our homes have great views, but for the ones that do, silhouette blinds will do the trick. These blinds are made of sheer panels that not only diffuse the sun’s UV rays but allow natural light to penetrate the room giving you great light to read, sit and entertain. For rooms that overlook picturesque landscapes, silhouette shades are the right choice.

Vertical blinds: These are the traditional blinds you find in every home. Vertical blinds are versatile and work in any room. Due to their 180-degree rotation, these blinds are functional, offer easy operability and look great. Providing privacy when closed and ample light when opened, vertical blinds are always a good bet.

Motorized blinds & shades: In today’s busy world, convenience is key. Motorized blinds are easy to control using your smartphone, tablet, remote, a wall-mounted switch placed in the room or even by voice control. With these blinds, you’re in charge and you decide how much light to let in with the simple touch of a button. Perfect for all rooms, no matter their size, motorized blinds are sleek and compliment any décor.

The perfect shades

Roman shades: Created with durable materials that ensure no light enters the room when they’re closed, roman shades provide incredible privacy. Ideal for bedrooms and guestrooms, these shades allow you to feel secluded and peaceful when closed and let light in when opened, bathing the room in soft natural light.

Roller shades: If you’re looking for a modern option, roller shades are a great choice. Equipped with light filtering controls, roller shades are easy to use and work well in living rooms and dens. Giving you maximum privacy when closed, these shades keep outside noises out even when your windows are open.

Save energy with new shades

Solar blinds and shades: For those keen on saving energy. Solar blinds are custom window treatments that are made to capture the sun’s harsh rays, keeping them out of your home. Made with special absorption properties and UV-resistant materials, solar blinds ensure that the sun stays out and won’t damage your floors and furniture.

Upgrade your home with custom shutters and blinds from Craftsman and enjoy beautiful new window coverings in Toronto. For a free in-home quote, please contact us at 416-282-4229 and visit our website at https://www.craftsmanshutter.com.

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