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California Shutters

California shutters are a very well-known type of indoor window covering with extensive louvers (slats) that permit air in one’s home. But, at the same time they block sunlight. California shutters are a kind of indoor window covering with louvers (slats) that let in air ,but keep out sunlight or interior shutters.

California shutters with louvers only 2 ½ inches widespread are an exceptional selection for shutters windows. Their narrower louver size permits more seclusion when open, making them perfect for an area with lots of people walking by. When the louvers are in the closed position, complete privacy is available, which is a great feature.

California shutters are very appealing. These shutters are really unique, allowing them to be placed in almost any entrance of a home. These types of shutters improve the look of the room and people love the jurisdiction they have over air and light that comes in a room.

Sizes and Styles:

The sizes that come with the Louvre sizes are 1 ½, which is traditional, 2 ½, which is California, 3 ½, which is plantation, and 4 ½, which is ocean view. In regards to rail styles, there are decorative which is characterized by a curve. And regular which is flat. A midrail, is bar that goes in the middle of the shutter to separate the top from the bottom and is always used on patio doors, or to cover a bar on a window. 

With a pushrod, there are two options, either wood (with three placement options) or metal (with one placement option). The PR can be in the centre, side front, and side back. For metal it is Klearview, which is a thin metal PR at the back corner, which is meant to be barely seen.

All shutters are the same but have different styles. Of those what can change is colour (paint or stain), the Louvre size, rail style, pushrod placement or have a midrail included.

What Craftsman Has To Say:

Here at Craftsman, we believe that Craftsman window shutters are the best. Your interior needs are our main priority. We can do pretty much whatever satisfies your wants and needs for maintaining a beautiful home.

When we construct shutters, Craftsman Window Shutters uses only the best quality primers, and paints that will widely improve the quality of our window shutters. This is what allows us here at Craftsman to provide you with one of the best finishes in the market.

If any company is an expert on shutters it is us. Craftsman Shutters are quality shutters, because we have the best team working on them and building them. We have grown our company and have drawn on our united understanding, skills and experience. It allows us to produce an even higher quality shutter. We are always looking to improve our product and ourselves with our company. Look at our shutters gallery to view all shutters we offer

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