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A Guide To Buying Plantation Shutters In 2023- All You Must Consider

Posted on 25 July 2023

Instead of covering your doors or windows with the usual blinds or curtains you may upgrade with shutters. Plantation Shutters Canada is a functional, classic, timeless, and elegant window treatment option that adds value to any home or business. They provide insulation, light control, and privacy, and can be tailored to fit any door or window. If you are looking to get plantation shutters for your office or home, here we provide you with some essential tips before you buy one.

Guide to buying a plantation shutter in 2023

This guide will explain all factors you need to take into consideration while choosing plantation shutters, from colors and materials to sizes and shapes.


Are you aware of the material/s is/are used to make plantation shutters Toronto? Aluminum, wood, composite, and imitation wood are just to name a few. Not every room will respond to every material. If you are buying shutters for your bathroom or kitchen then consider vinyl or composite shutters as they can withstand moisture to a great extent. Hardwood will be a great choice for your living room as it provides the beauty and comfort of natural wood and complement your décor.

Louvre Size

Louvers, also known as shutter slats are fixed inside the frame. The size of the louver affects the functioning and efficiency of your plantation shutters canada. If you choose a smaller size, the slats will be closed together thus letting in less light and if you choose a larger size, it will let in more light. While selecting the louver size, you may consider the amount of light you wish to have, the depth and size of your window, and the appearance you wish to achieve.

Mounting Options

You can install the shutters outside the doorway or inside the window. Before deciding which plantation shutters Canada will work best for you, you can start by looking at the opening of your window and check it has molded. If your window is surrounded by decorative trim or molding, then install shutters inside the window opening. If the window frame does not have any decorative molding, you can choose an exterior mount. With this mount design your window can have a finished look because of the integrated molding. An ‘L’ frame extends beyond the opening of the window whereas a Z frame covers the corners of the window.

Styles of Shutter

When it comes to style, there are a variety of options available. Full-height shutters cover the overall window and also offer a traditional look whereas café-style shutters cover the bottom half only for more light control. If you have sliding doors or large windows, tier-on-tier shutters are an excellent choice as they can be opened from the top or bottom independently.

Color of the shutter

After you have decided on the size, material, and placement in your home, you need to pick a color of the shutters that will go quite well with the overall color scheme of the house. Make sure that the colors you choose go in with the décor of your home. For plantation shutters canada, a small range of colors from grey to white is offered, so select the best from the limited palette.


Your shutter louvers close and open with a tilt. Typically, there are two different tilts: front tilt and hidden tilts. The tilt bar of the front tilt which is used to lower or raise the louvers is located on the shutter. On the hidden tilt, the tilt bar is concealed beneath the window panel, near the hinges for a clear vision. To offer their windows a cleaner appearance, some homeowners may choose the real tilt while others prefer the standard tilt for a more convenient operation. The one you choose will definitely depend on your personal choice.


As shutters are the more permanent and the longest-lasting window treatment solutions, they might become expensive. Composite, vinyl and faux shutters are more budget-friendly as compared to true wood shutters. The number of windows that require shutters and the size of your windows also contribute to the overall cost.

Look for warranty

A great and trusted shutter manufacturer will build shutters that last long. However, this does not negate the need for a warranty. To get the most out of the investment in your plantation shutters canada, find a manufacturer that will stand behind its work. Your shutters must ideally come with a full lifetime warranty.

In Conclusion,

To get the most out of your experience with window treatment, you need to take into consideration the factors mentioned above. With this information in hand, you can now shop your plantation shutters with confidence knowing you are selecting the best possible product as per your needs. The expert designers at Craftsman Shutters can guide you through the best materials for your needs, and the available styles, and take care of all the details. Contact us today to learn more.

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