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Discovering facts about interior plantation shutters

Posted on 07 August 2023

Looking for interior plantation shutters to give your house a new look? Craftsman shutters have years of specialization in interior plantation shutters. We are committed to manufacturing interior plantation shutters using good-quality materials. With us, you can find yourself plantation shutters made from wood as well as PVC and aluminum. Our prime motive is to offer our customers endless options while ensuring they are able to meet their requirements.

The fit and measure of plantation shutters

When planning to install new shutters or replace the existing ones, getting proper measurements is very important. This calls for professional intervention. At Craftsman Shutters, we offer all our customers free consultation service, including measurement service to make sure to get shutters of the right size for your windows. Guesswork with the size is not a good option when you are placing orders for window shutters. Both oversized and undersized shutters will increase your task of measuring and reordering, thereby delaying the installation process. 

Our professionals make sure to properly measure your windows and guarantee that the shutters we deliver perfectly fit them. They can also offer you an idea of the cost you are expected to spend. It is a must to mention that we offer special discounts to all our new and existing customers on every single order they place with us, making the deal affordable.

Interior plantation shutter colors you can pick

When planning to install interior plantation shutters in your house or office, color makes a big difference. Wooden plantation shutters look amazing in stains or colors. We have a standard color palette for you to pick from, but also offer customization options to make sure they match your interior.

Why is it good to install plantation shutters?

Shutters are considered a good window treatment- they are not only easy to install but are elegant, durable, and add a style statement to your property. Adding a shutter to any room will boost its appearance and overall value.

Besides, your privacy is also taken care of. Interior plantation shutters create a perfect barrier to the world outside, while also keeping optimum control on the proportion of light reaching into the rooms. For rooms on the ground floor, a split louver is considered a worthy option. This is because it allows you to keep the lower part of the shutter closed, making sure you enjoy a higher amount of privacy. You can adjust the louver keeping in concern the amount of light you want to have inside the house.

Cutting electricity costs is another big advantage of having interior plantation shutters installed in your rooms. They help in reducing the amount of heat flowing into the house, in turn, keeping the rooms cool and comfortable. Wooden shutters offer a higher amount of insulation as a result of the natural insulation properties possessed by wood.

The next thing to talk about is superior aesthetics. This is one of the biggest reasons why people today prefer installing interior plantation shutters. This type of shutter can effectively match almost any interior decor and wall colors creating an amazing combination.

And the most important thing is the ease of cleaning interior plantation shutters. They can also go without maintenance for about 3 years to 5 years, based on the type of shutter you select.

What are plantation shutters and why they are called so?

Plantation shutters were originally louvered shutters installed on windows of large houses or mansions in Southern American states that were commonly popular for the plantation of sugar, tobacco, and cotton back in those days.

Louvered shutters were considered a hallmark for all those properties where heavy and large curtains were not considered an ideal option owing to the year-round humid climatic conditions. Today plantation shutters have managed to gain popularity not only in other parts of America but also in Europe and beyond.


Wrapping Up

At Craftsman Shutters, we bring you interior plantation shutters in various materials and colors, letting you pick them up keeping your needs in concern. You can also avail of our customization option to keep pace with the existing interior of your house. To know more, visit www.craftsmanshutter.com and enjoy our service.

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